Month: October 2004

Scope Book

Posted by on October 20, 2004

My little book about scope mounting is now complete and available. Price R 55 all inclusive. Hard copy only at this stage. Electronic publication will need some more work and will take some time. It includes scope selection, precision mounting methods, actual examples of scope fitting to demonstrate the sort of problems that can arise and how to handle them, bore sighting in the workshop, sighting in on the range, long range zeroing, and modifications for extreme long range. 35 Pages with illustrations.I know I shouldn’t really be asking this, but advertising is expensive, prohibitively so in this case, so if anyone feels willing to field this to contacts on other chat groups I’d be grateful.[Originally posted to SATalkGuns -- Admin]

Gunsmithing Books

Posted by on October 12, 2004

I have just completed a little book about scope mounting. 35 Pages of A4 size 10 text with illustrations. It was prompted by my observation that scope mounting seems to be universally badly done. In particular, the two rings are never, and I mean never, either parallel to the scope or each other. There are ways of making them so, but it is seldom done, which is why so many scopes are damaged or even bent by their rings. It is also why so many scopes shift under recoil; rings that don’t grip the scope squarely won’t prevent it from shifting. The main thrust of the book is a simple method of precision ring alignment I have developed and which has been used to fit many scopes, but it also includes instructions for approximate alignment in the workshop, with or without an optical bore sighter, sighting in on the range, long range zeroing, and mount modifications for extreme long range shooting ie over 1000 metres.The book is complete except for just two photos that didn’t come out too well but can fortunately be re shot. The draft is now being scrutinised by a few people for content, ie is it sufficiently complete and does it explain clearly how to do the job. It was also motivated by the reality that the gunsmith trade is dying fast in the wake of the FCA, and that gunsmithing will soon be a DIY proposition or nothing. Scope mounting is one of many things that can be competently done by hobbyists.Price will be somewhere around R 60 including postage. Not dirt cheap for 35 pages but printing small volumes isn’t cheap and I believe the quality of the content is worth it. I’m also looking into the possibility of offering it electronically. Not as a full blown E Book, rather in PDF for e mailing as an attachment. Price would then be less, probably around R 35 – R 40.I hope to complete four more in the next three or four months, each about a specific aspect of gun work. One of them will be hot blueing. All will be characterised by the sort of detail that is missing from most gunsmithing books. I have a long list of others but the time frame will be years rather than months.Why a lot of small books rather than one big one ? With the sort of detail I have in mind a single book would run to 1500 pages, would be expensive, and will not likely get done in this life. I also think there are many people who will be happy to get info on the specific topic they need at a modest price.If anyone wants a more detailed list of the contents of this and my next three or four books I’ll be glad to e mail it privately.[Originally posted to SATalkGuns -- Admin]