Month: February 2005

Custom Bullet Moulds

Posted by on February 8, 2005

I don’t supose many people are interested in custom moulds. I wasn’t until I needed to cast a particular bullet in substantial quantities. I offer this for what it’s worth. It is a 180 grain 357 with a flat point about half diameter and a curved ogive a bit like a rifle bullet and most importantly, no shoulder. The only available mould of that description is made by Saeco. I got a four cavity mould. It didn’t work for all sorts of reasons I won’t go into here. Suffice to say I couldn’t get decent bullets from it no matter how I tried and I’ve had a lot of experience bullet casting.I had already decided to standardise on Lee 6 cavity moulds as far as possible as I have found them the best combination of quality and speed. So I got Lee to make a 6 cavity mould for me. It cost just R1000 all up, give or take a few rand. I haven’t used it yet but if it’s as good as my other Lee moulds I have no doubt it’ll be OK.The downside of Lee 6 cavity moulds is that a new steel sprue cutter must be made, as the aluminium cutters rub and gall on the aluminium mould. I have no idea why Lee continues to make them like that as I can’t be the only complainant. But the steel cutter solves it.The other good point about these moulds is that they never slip out of alignment because they have hardened guide pins and bushings. A two cavity RCBS mould isn’t much less than R1000 these days. I consider a 6 cavity custom mould a bargain in comparison.Took about two months from order to delivery.[Originally posted to SATalkGuns -- Admin]