Month: July 2006

SMLE Conversion

Posted by on July 18, 2006

One lives and learns. It seems that some clever calibre conversions are being done to the SMLE. For some reason in the UK the boys are converting them to 223. But I’m less interested in the reason than how it’s done. If it can be converted to Hornet and 223 there’s not much it can’t be converted to. The limitation seems to be that the case head or rim must be similar to or a good bit smaller than the 303, it can’t be slightly smaller. The reason is that the SMLE in 303 trim extracts and ejects by dragging the case along the left receiver wall under the pressure of the extractor hook. It doesn’t work with smaller cases unless the bolt head is recessed to hold the case during extraction. As there must be some “meat” left around the recess, similar to the 98, the maximum head diameter must be rather smaller than bolt diameter which is 14.80mm.Some conversions use a spring loaded blade ejector mounted in the left receiver wall which needs a slot to be cut in the bolt head. Some use the simpler but less effective in my opinion plunger in the bolt face.[Originally posted to SATalkGuns -- Admin]