Cast loads in 500 Jeffery

Posted by on October 25, 2011

I like to collect info about the use of cast bullets, especially in rifles.   Cast rifle bullets work a lot better than many shooters think, especially in big calibres, in which jacketed ballistics can be duplicated at low cost.   I just had some interesting info from the South African owner of a 500 Jeffery rifle.   His standard hunting load is the 570 grain Rhino bullet at 218oFPS.   He wanted a cast bullet for practice and recreation.   He purchased a NEI 625 grain mould, which actually casts a 710 grain gas checked bullet.   The mould is stamped 625 which is obviously an error.   Although the bullet is very heavy for the calibre, he went ahead (very carefully) and developed a load.   The 710 grain bullet chronographs 1730FPS with moderate recoil and no signs of high pressure.   As he says, shooting a 710 grain bullet from a non-black powder cartridge is a novelty !   At the modest ranges at which the rifle will be used, point of impact is quite close to that of his standard Rhino hunting load, so he is happy to keep the heavy mould and shoot the bullet.


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