More on the 500 Jeffery

Posted by on October 27, 2011

I didn’t say who developed that 710 grain cast bullet load for the 500 Jeffery because I hadn’t asked his permission.   Now I can say it is Alistair Haig.   It was an unexpected experiment, because the mould should have been 625 grain, and is stamped 625, but the first results have been so promising that Alistair will be developing it further to establish its potential.

Being very heavy for calibre, it is similar in principle to the plated bullets developed by Frontier.   Frontier’s 458 bullet weighs 600 grains.   It has a very hard core, 11% antimony I think, with a thick plated jacket.   MV from the 458 Win is about 1800FPS, and penetration very deep.   If a 458 x 600 grain bullet at 1800FPS is so effective, imagine a 510 x 710 grain !!

For those who are interested, Alistair’s 500 Jeffery rifle was built by Danie Joubert, on an FN Supreme 98 action with a Shilen barrel.

For further interest, cast bullets are being used in 50 Browning rifles in the US, and I have a report of 900 grain cast bullets being fired from a 55 Cal Boys anti-tank rifle in Australia.    There’s not much that can’t be done with cast bullets, at relatively low cost.

Dunno where the guy gets brass for the 55 Boys.    Primers, either, for that matter.    Probably stretching the last ounce of life from the brass, and altering the pockets for 50BMG primers.    That’s why so many Boys rifles have been altered to 50BMG in that country.   Why so many there in particular ?   I may have mentioned it in an earlier posting, but if not, its an interesting story for another time.


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