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Posted by on July 30, 2008

I’ve mentioned the cost of bullet lube before. Recently I needed an alox hollow stick for photography ( don’t ask, I’ll tell you later ). City Guns has some at R50 per stick !! I’ve measured the consumption of alox/beeswax at about 1500 x 9mm bullets per stick. That’s 3 cents per bullet. I would’ve thought that those who cast their own mostly do so for economy. We can’t do much about the high cost of scrap lead and new antimony which make the alloy cost about 18 cents for a 9mm bullet, but another 3 cents for lube is outrageous.I would’ve thought the same product for a fraction of the price would have been welcome. Surprisingly, no. I still have 10kg of Alox 2138F. When I offered it for R250 per kg on two occasions I got just one response on each occasion. Beeswax costs R120 per kg in Cape Town. A 50/50 mix would therefore be R185. As 1kg lubes 40 000 x 9mm bullets that’d be half a cent per bullet.I can only conclude that few shooters need to save money. At least not if there is the minor inconvenience of melting the lube and pouring into the lubrisizer hot. Or maybe R1250 per kg is OK if it comes in a branded package but R185 isn’t because it doesn’t. Anyhow, I’m thinking of making my 10kg of 2138F into 500 sticks and seeing if I can sell it in the trade. But the only attraction to the trade will be a much lower price than the Lee and Hodgdon products, so it will not be cheaper to shooters.[Originally posted to SATalkGuns -- Admin]


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  1. P.J. LUBBE November 4, 2010 3:09 pm

    I am looking for 2138F. Just start to cast my own a while ago. Are the stuff still availible?